Thursday, May 31, 2012

Watch UEFA Euro 2012 live streaming - online

We have already mentioned about the TV channels broadcasting the Euro 2012 - Live. You may not have access to the TV online. For those users, many websites in different locations stream the matches online. Many of them are free with geographical restrictions.

Here are the sites showing live stream of the matches:

Asia :

Australia : Setanta Sports will broadcast the matches on its website in Australia.

Fiji : Fiji TV will be showing the matches on Internet and TV.

Mongolia : TV9 will show the match live on both TV and Internet.

South Korea : IB Sports will broadcast free-on-air on TV and also on Internet.

Philippines : Solar Sports will broadcast the matches on Internet.

Vietnam : VTV will show the matches on Internet.


UK: ITV will broadcast the match live on its newly launched Euro 2012 website in United Kingdom.

North America:

USA: You can watch live stream of Euro 2012 on ESPN.